Experience of use Depanten

I'm not young, I know what painful joints are. Yes, all my life I have tried everything - physiotherapy, pills, ointments, lotions. Recently only narcotic analgesics have helped me, as the pain was unbearable, I could not move. Thus passed the months and then the years.

My acquaintance with Depanten, user experience

Recently, my daughter brought me Depanten gel, which was recommended to her by well-known experts. I read the instructions, I was surprised that there were no contraindications and side effects. I used it for a month and felt young again! The joint pain went away, the swelling and inflammation subsided, I could slowly get back from walking. Now I can play football with my grandchildren! I never thought I could return to a normal active life, but now nothing will stop me. I am extremely grateful to the manufacturer Depanten and advise everyone to try this product. I recommend everyone read my app review to understand how to use the gel and what results to expect!